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This is Place Welcome Event

Saturday, July 9th

10 am to 2 pm

All are invited to the This is Place Welcome Event happening July 9, 2022, from 10 am to 2 pm at the Little Axe Community Center.

This is Place is partnering with BlueThumb Oklahoma, Soil Health, Yard by Yard, the Wildcare Foundation, BioBlitz! Oklahoma, and other Oklahoman environmentally focused organizations to bring ecological learning experiences and festivities to the Little Axe Community. All are invited to join! Learn about rainwater and soil impaction, native plants, and more. Kids can enjoy fun eco-crafting activities and learn about pollinators! Join us for this full day event bringing art, environmental knowledge, and community together for celebration.

Do you love the works of the 2022 This is Place artists and poets? You can purchase works during the This is Place Welcome Event where some of these talented Oklahomans will have their art and other pieces available at booths throughout the July 9th event. Want to purchase art via online shops or follow their work on social media? Visit the Artists and Poets page to learn more about each featured artist and poet!

“This is Place 2022 Artists & Poets of Oklahoma” Zine

Cover image by Dominique McPhail
Artworks by Amber DuBoise-Shepherd, Cynthia Fletcher, and Irmgard Geul

2022 artist and poet applications closed – learn more about the application process here.

This is Place is a budding art space and garden located in the Little Axe community in eastern Norman, OK (near Lake Thunderbird) which remains the present-day territory of the Absentee Shawnee Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma and the ancestral lands of the Kiowa, Kickapoo, Osage, Wichita, and Quapaw people.

We honor and respect fully the diverse civilizations of people who originally tended to these lands before settler colonialism and continue to contribute greatly to biodiversity and land conservation. This is Place seeks to continue to build relationships with individuals and communities who are interested in the rematriation of seed saving, pollinator conservation, and land stewardship education.


This is Place is a community wildflower garden & art exhibition site within the Little Axe community in Central Oklahoma. Dedicated to promoting Oklahoman artists and poets, community, and place-based knowledges and ecosystems.

View the successional vegetative process (the process by which a plant or animal community successively gives way to another until a stable climax is reached) on the about page.

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Interested in becoming an individual donor or sponsor? Please consider donating to This is Place for future funding to artists, poets, zine printing, on-site art printing, gardening necessities and events. Visit GoFundMe to make a contribution. Thank you!

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Special Thank You to the following individuals and facilities for their time and contributions to This is Place: Justin and Melissa Rosenfelt, Amber Duboise-Shepherd, Jessica Morgan, Johnithan Byars, Oklahoma University Greenhouse, & Sweetleaf OKC

This is Place was created and maintained by Lauren and Jessie Rosenfelt and made possible by the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition THRIVE! grant and funded by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts’ Regional Regranting Program. The on-site garden and exhibition site was made available in support of the City of Norman’s Parks and Recreation Department and Little Axe Community Center.

This is Place is located at the

Little Axe Community Center at 1000 168th Ave NE, Norman, OK 73026.

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